Friday, March 4, 2011

Rhino details: to add "eyes" or not?

I'm debating on adding eyes to the mouth n' teeth on my rhino. Think of the A-10 nose art:

I got a spare rhino side I use to test junk out before applying it to the real model. What do you think of eyes being added?

I need feed back on this, so help me out - Yay or Nay?


  1. I'm going to say nay this time. Purely because it makes me think of this

    Ps. make sure to check out the competition I'm running on the badab vets

  2. I kinda like it as a throwback, but I just don't think it ends up working due to the blockish nature of the rhino. If you want I can try photoshoping an eye onto a side pic of my rhino?

  3. yeah, do that and lets see how it looks!

    and I'm checking out your contest page now, silar. Thanks to you for putting it together!

  4. I'd say no. The teeth are a nice nod to the chapter 'mascot', but any further than that and I don't think it will look right. I could be wrong, but that's my thinking.

  5. Changing my vote to no. I did a quick cut & paste and it just didn't look good imo. The rhino is too boxy. Maybe focus on using the headlights as eyes?

  6. yeah i think the general consensus is no, so I wont be doing this for rhinos.

    They headlights DO look like eyes once painted!