Friday, January 15, 2010

Sgt. Telion + better scout WIP pics and INSIGNIAS!

got outside and took some better photos of the scouts and I got some of my completed Sgt. Telion:

Sgt. Telion:

Also got space shark chapter insignias on all my tac guys shoulders. I tried to fix Telion's on his shoulder and messed it up. I got it fixed somewhat but it doesnt look good and ruins the miniature in my opinion. Oh well, the more I do the more experienced I get so hopefully I doo make better minis next time.


  1. Looking good, de-Ultrafying Telion turned out well.

    What colours did you use on the scout's cloaks?

  2. I used catachan green for the base, scorched brown with some blue ink for the brown pattern, and kommando khaki with bleached bone mixed in for the other pattern.

    on the inside lining i usedknarloc green as the base, camo green as the highlight and rotting flesh as the final highlight

  3. Thanks! I'llprobably be stealing it at some point.

  4. I like them. and as the previous poster said, good job de-Ultrafying Telion.