Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dwarfs?? my Space Sharks blog??!

Now for something a little different!  A friend of mine is trying to get me to play D n' D, and Iv'e never played so I figure ,"hey I like the computer games (Baldur's gate, NWN, etc.) guess this will be fun too". They use minis in the games, but I he said they used those pre-painted ones sold by the makers of D n' D. I've seen those things in the store and they look like crap, so I figured an old reaper mini would suffice for me.  I managed to get a dwarf barbarian painted up pretty quickly, it was a nice break from space marines. Here it is in all my crappy lighting kitchen's glory:

 But, this post isnt all dwarfs and fantasy RPG's - I got some Space Sharks updates as well! The command squad is almost complete minus some basework  on the minis and the standard bearer needing further painting:

So here they are as of this posting. This is turning out to be the most colorful unit in the army. I cant decide on what to for the standard, been scouring the internet for ideas to stea-err "borrow" heh heh ;) Just a finish up for the standard and some basework n touchup's (like that powersword ughh) and it will be done! Thanks for looking, more to come soon!

P.S. Got the new Space Marine videogame today as well, its off the richter scale!


  1. That dwarf looks awesome! I love his rusty axe (you are correct the D&D mini's are CRAP)

    Liking your command squad. All I did for my banner so far is white with a chapter symbol decal in the middle. It needs some freehand scrolls and stuff but I haven't gotten around to it.

  2. yeah I dont know what Im going to do, Ive saw some pics of banners online so I may just try and free hand a copy of one of those.

  3. Your command squad looks good so far. Have you considered reproducing one of the Jaws movie posters as a banner?