Thursday, August 11, 2011

Librarian done and FW madness!

I got some things finished today, namely an HQ unit for my Sharks. I also got some FW multimeltas on the table ready to be primed. Once again excuse the photos, its late here and my house lighting/camera sucks:

Had a time trying to glue resin to resin, I washed the parts pretty well in the sink before the build so I dont know what was going on.
Ah! who is that in the back....?

Why its the Librarian that's gonna lead this party bro! I've had this mini sitting on my table primed for well over a year and I finally have gotten to finishing him up. I'm not happy with the face and how it came out, but its gonna have to do because I know I'll make it worse if I keep messing with it. Maybe I can get some better pics tommorow or at a later date when the sun is up and I can take 'em outside for better lighting (and therefore better pictures).

More to come, the command squad is basecoated n' ready!


  1. nice, I didn't realize the FW heavy weapons included a shoulder mount multi-melta. Am going to have to pick up some of those.

  2. Those Multi-Meltas are badass. I want some.

    Great work on the Libby.

  3. some guy had these on ebay so i jumped on 'em. It was cheaper than buying the the regular old plastic multimelta bit this time!

  4. The lib looks fantastic!

    Love those 2nd edition HEavy Weapons too, not sure if they would fit with my stuff but they look great!

  5. Really like the script work on the book your lib has got.

  6. Thanks! As for the Heavy weapons, I had to trim the back of them so the regular backpacks would fit. If you buy the HW kit from forgeworld I think some special backpacks come with it that dont interfere with how the weapon sits.