Saturday, March 19, 2011

Terminator WIP begins!

Well the terminators WIP begain late yesterday and is ongoing. Instead of assembly line painting them like I basecoated them, I took one model out and plan to finish it to see if I like the color scheme and basework that I have in mind. Here's a few pics of the progress, it's nowhere near finished:

The helmet is pretty much done along with the powerfist except for some highlights on the metal bits and touch-up. The rest is basecoated and the base is obviously bare at the moment. The limbs are magnetized like I did some of my Black Templars as well. I can't think of a color to paint the stormbolters casing, so any ideas on that please let me know. I plan to finish this guy up sometime this week if time permits.

Here he is assembled:

And my little dog keeping watch for any stray bits that fall from my desk so he can chew on them!

Thanks for looking!


  1. To be honest, I think the red dont fit in with the grey.

  2. What do you suggest? Keep in mind I'm doing the old space shark scheme here, not the new chahrahahdons with the grey on grey (to bland for me) and since there isnt any "official" veteran/termie color schemes I figured this may work. ANy suggestions are appreciated, especially on a color for the storm bolters!

  3. I was thinking red stripe and black casing. Red blood splattering on the Powerfist.