Sunday, February 27, 2011

This ol' boy's got TEETH!

I decided to bite (HA!) some of Tristan's style and give my Rhino some teeth!

I tried to give the teeth a worn and painted on look instead of making them solid colors and symetrical , hence the grey wear. Hopefully I'm not straying into Ork territory by doing this ;)

hopefully I can finish this guy up soon!

Rhino Work

Well, I decided to try and work on the Rhino first this go round. I have never painted a Wargaming vehicle in my life, so I'm hoping this tank will come out decent. My wife has been really sick this week and weekend, so that takes priority number one and minis will have to wait!

Here's the Rhino so far, lets start with some drybrush work:

Process was Adeptus Battlegrey basecoat > drybrush (more like dryscrub w/ as little paint on the brush as possible) Codex Grey > drybrush Fortress Grey on hard edges/ lines.

I plan to weather the tank lightliy with a painted "dirt mix" to match my shark's bases. I think the tracks came out pretty well:

Ready for more grime n' dirt!

Speaking of weathering, I also tried to do paint chips and scratches type weathering on those cracks (see earlier posts), but I dont think I'm doing it right.
The results have been less than spectacular with painting the paintchip or scratch area black followed by a fill of boltgun metal and then a lil chainmail or mithril silver (depending on scratch size) to top it off. Any suggestions would be appreciated on this type of thing.

In addition to the chipping, I managed to get a few decals on. They need soem touch up and I'm not done with adding more, but here's where am at on things for now:

WHy the last one came out sideways I'll never know. More to come!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Terminators and Vehicles: Basecoating begins!

After coming to a comfortable stopping point on my Black Templars restoration project, I am now back at getting these Space Sharks up to speed. The terminators got thier basecoating today:

Hopefully I'll get these guys looking decent by the end of the weekend if time permits. The main problem was coming up with a decent color scheme. Thanks to the good folks in my Bolter & Chainsword WIP thread, I think we've got a winner!

Also, I managed to get one of the secondhand rhinos from ebay basecoated too:

Kinda looks like it hasnt been painted at all since the basecoat is close to the color of the original plastic!

This thing came to me painted bright fire engine red and whatever paint was used, Simple Green couldnt strip it completely. After a 3-day soak, the rhino came out a strange hunter orange color. I thought about sanding it, but feared I would lose detail. The paint was smooth so I figured a good spray painting of black primer would kill the orange but I was wrong. For some reason the black paint would bubble and crack like it didnt want to stay on. After another soaking, the primer decided to stick with only minor cracking. The cracks show up a bit more with the lighter basecoat, but I think they'll work in my favor when I weather the rhino.

More to come soon!