Thursday, February 24, 2011

Terminators and Vehicles: Basecoating begins!

After coming to a comfortable stopping point on my Black Templars restoration project, I am now back at getting these Space Sharks up to speed. The terminators got thier basecoating today:

Hopefully I'll get these guys looking decent by the end of the weekend if time permits. The main problem was coming up with a decent color scheme. Thanks to the good folks in my Bolter & Chainsword WIP thread, I think we've got a winner!

Also, I managed to get one of the secondhand rhinos from ebay basecoated too:

Kinda looks like it hasnt been painted at all since the basecoat is close to the color of the original plastic!

This thing came to me painted bright fire engine red and whatever paint was used, Simple Green couldnt strip it completely. After a 3-day soak, the rhino came out a strange hunter orange color. I thought about sanding it, but feared I would lose detail. The paint was smooth so I figured a good spray painting of black primer would kill the orange but I was wrong. For some reason the black paint would bubble and crack like it didnt want to stay on. After another soaking, the primer decided to stick with only minor cracking. The cracks show up a bit more with the lighter basecoat, but I think they'll work in my favor when I weather the rhino.

More to come soon!


  1. You are not going with the Charcaradon's paint scheme from IA:10?

  2. Maybe add a white stripe in the middle of the helmet? So far so good though...

  3. nope, I am already about 3 tac squads deep painted in the old scheme (check my older posts) before that book came out so it's a lil too late to switch now. Besides, I prefer the opld scheme with the red stripe andn ot just grey grey grey everywhere plus the old chapter Icon looks better to me than the new one.

  4. I agree, this version is more interesting colour scheme. I think the IA 10 scheme is gritty but rather boring. Yours is a better blend.

  5. The only thing I like better about the new scheme is the Maori-like "tattoos" on the power armor. Then again, who can paint well enough to make those look good?