Tuesday, December 29, 2009

new direction, new units

After reviewing my collection of marines, I am going to make two good squads of marines instead of three mediocre squads. This will have me moving guys around between my two completed squads plus adding a few from my incomplete 3rd squad. This action has also freed me up to start work on my scout unit, which I have now built, they just need a shot of primer and some the painting can begin. I also pulled out the dreaded "greenstuff" (its a modelling putty for those who dont know - a really irritating "I'm trying to sculpt with chewed chewing gum" putty) and tried my hand at sculpting a missing Nightvision goggle for one of my scouts as well as some bigger ammos clips for a 5-man marine squad turning them into homemade Sternguard troops. No pics yet since my gal pal has the camera, but hopefully there'll be something soon picture wise!

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