Friday, January 7, 2011

Small New Year Update!

Time for a much needed update, even though it is a small one. Despite a bout of illness, Christmas time craziness, and a wild work schedule, I did manage to finish up the missle launcher guy as well as finish up on the final powerfist sergeant to round out my tac squads:

I've also started fixing up some busted/broken/abused minis I got for cheap into black templars. I may start a seperate log for those guys soon, I fell I dont have enough work put into them just yet to justify another log. Here's one of the guys a fixed - total repaint plus a new head from the Blood Angel Sanguinary Guard sprue (his old one was broken off):

As for the Sharks, a set of AOBR terminators is up next- hope to get some work put in soon.

Until next time!


  1. The Sharks look good, but that BT looks even better! Great work on the head.

  2. fix up's a good un.

    really like the sergeant, great job on his hair looks really realistic.