Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Sharks are back after a super long hiatus! Two rhinos have gotten thier teeth and are ready to roll out!

Also completed those crappy AOBR style terminators:

So far I got the following left to do:

Paint 1x landspeeder
Paint 1x AOBR dreadnaught
Paint 1x attack bike
Paint 1x command squad
Paint 1x librarian to lead all this stuff
Assemble and paint 1x rhino
Assemble and paint 1x landraider
Assemble and paint 2x bikes

So yeah, things are winding down for the sharks. I'm sure I'll add more units but I want to finish these up and get cracking on my Black Templars for a while. I'm going to do my best to at least get most of this stuff basecoated by Sunday . More to come (and hopefully alot faster!


  1. They are lookin sweet buddy, I have two rhinos that only need a bit of touch ups on the teeth and some decals and they would be done. Need to get on those! Maybe this will spark some motivation :)

  2. yeah get those rhinos finished up, I want to see them! I have found vehicles to be easier and faster to paint, so hopefully I can get the rest of mine finished up quickly.